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Fall 2015 TBC Analyst Application Now Open

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Revised Discounted Cash Flow Model

Below you will find links to the new DCF model and a PDF explaining the changes and general guidelines for using the model. The overhaul is considerable so please review the PDF carefully before using the model for the first time.

Revamped Model Presentation
General DCF Lecture

Filled Out Example Model - XOM
Blank DCF Template

Please click here for past presentations, pitches, and models. Note that only registered members have access to the content. Please email [email protected] to request access.

welcome to the blue chips

The Blue Chips is an investment club founded in 2003 at the University of Chicago. Over the years, we have expanded to over 100 undergraduate students who work together to actively manage a $100,000 all-equity portfolio gifted to us by Greg Wendt (A.B. '83).

Our mission is twofold. First, to create an authentic investing experience for our members through practical application of theoretical concepts and active portfolio management. Second, to provide our members with the tools they need to fully benefit from their experience in TBC.

Our training process consists of two parts. Upon being admitted into TBC, new analysts are led through a quarter of training by senior leadership. This program is designed to teach basic analytical skills and introduce analysts to business-oriented thinking. After successful completion of training, members are placed into one of our seven sectors (Basic Materials, Consumer, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, and Technology). Each sector seeks out and pitches attractive investment opportunities for the portfolio. Through this process, members continue their professional development by honing their analytical skills and expanding their industry knowledge.

Outside of the sector experience, we encourage innovative ideas and discussion through guest speaker series, networking sessions, and our alumni mentorship program. Our outreach efforts include hosting stock competitions and holding a variety of campus-wide events in our efforts to expand financial literacy and generate lively discussion in the larger community.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or attend one of our general meetings.

who we are

The Blue Chips is an officially recognized student organization (RSO) of The University of Chicago. We aim to provide our members with a forum for expanding finance, investing, and business knowledge. We create such opportunities through a structured curriculum, portfolio management, lively debate, unique interaction with professionals, and informal discussion. We further seek to promote financial and markets literacy through campus-wide events and collaboration with other RSOs.


Our club's culture is defined by three pillars: education, execution and, for lack of a better word, fun.

Education: our highest priority is ensuring our members' intellectual and practical development with regards to financial markets. We believe anyone can better understand financial markets if they have the will and dedication.

Execution: innovation, initiative, and the ability to make things happen are strongly valued and encouraged. Seeking constant improvement in our mission, The Blue Chips strongly encourages ALL members to bring new ideas to the table and, if they're well thought, to make them happen, to deliver consistently and professionally.

Enjoyment: at the end of the day, we would not belong to this club if we weren't having fun, if we did not enjoy each others' company, and if we took ourselves too seriously to let loose once in a while. Understanding the immense dynamics of increasingly global financial markets is serious business, but is good business only when you can do it with a smile.


  • Frederic Liegl - [email protected]
  • Eric Li - [email protected]
    Director of Internal Relations
  • Lauren Weinberg - [email protected]
    Director of External Relations
  • Lucy Tang - [email protected]

investment committee

  • Brandon Garcia - [email protected]
  • Vladimir David - [email protected]
  • Mohit Harjanis - [email protected]
  • Peter Huang - [email protected]
  • Raghav Sawhney - [email protected]
  • Austin Yu - [email protected]
  • Angela Zhang - [email protected]

sector leaders

  • Shawn Li - Basic Materials
  • Cyrus Adamiyatt - Consumer
  • Mark Jazbik - Energy
  • Carter Chen - Financials
  • Eduardo Zulueta - Healthcare
  • Derek Yang - Industrials
  • Patrick Quinn - TMT


Current Roster

There are several levels of membership within the organization.


Affiliates include individuals that have expressed an interest in joining the club or attending its events, but do not participate in its weekly activities and operations. Affiliate members do not participate in equity research and analysis, and are not required to participate in educational sesssions.


Analysts are required to go through an application and interview process, as well as a training program. Upon successful completion of training, they are assigned to an industry coverage group. Responsibilities include achieving a solid grasp of fundamental analysis and understanding sector dynamics, conducting equity research and analysis, and generating ideas to further the club's investment portfolio.


Associates are tenured Analysts, typically midway through their 3rd year in the college or older, who've shown dedication to the club and possess a good understanding of fundamental analysis. Associates can fulfill the same responsibilities as Analysts, but have more flexibility to pursue initiatives independent of sectors.

Senior Analysts

Senior Analysts are tenured Analysts, typically midway through their 3rd year in the college or older, who've shown leadership, dedication to the club and a good understanding of fundamental analysis. Senior Analysts share the same responsibilities of Analysts, but also assume more leadership responsibilities within the sector.

Sector Leaders

After one or two successful quarters as an analyst, those who wish to take on more responsibility are invited to apply to become Sector Leaders. Their responsibilities expand to recruiting and analyst development, organizing and initiating equity research, leading sector groups, educational development, and event execution. Sector Leaders should have a solid grasp of fundamental analysis, and many have rudimentary experience with financial modeling.


Directors have typically been in the club at least one year and constitute its primary leadership, often being elected to their positions. Directors' responsibilities include administering the club's affairs, serving as liaisons between the club and external parties, generating and managing pitch flow, overseeing the portfolio, and future leadership development. Furthermore, directors often spearhead and drive the educational process, from generating topics of discussion to presenting those topics. Directors typically have an expert grasp of fundamental analysis including a working understanding of financial modeling.


The Blue Chips was established, in part, to build strong relationships between the business community and University of Chicago students interested in finance. Over the past few years, interactions with the business community have included educational lectures for the University community-at-large, as well as recruitment events co-sponsored with other on-campus organizations.

TBC is always interested in hearing from those who are interested in offering educational opportunities to our membership, contacting our members about job openings and other employment opportunities. To establish contact with our club, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Club alumni have gone on to work in a variety of fields, including Equity Research, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Management Consulting, Private Banking, Private Equity, Proprietary Trading, and Sales and Trading. They have worked in locations including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai.

To verify a job candidate's membership status within TBC please click here.

Select firms represented by former TBC members include:

Bain & Company Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs J.P. Morgan
Lazard Frères LEK Consulting Madison Dearborn Partners McKinsey & Co. Morgan Stanley
Morningstar Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb Spot Trading Thomas Weisel Partners UBS